A classical, indigenous, technical knowledge associated with local land race of wheat,

Climate change has a profound impact on the dynamics of agricultural and natural ecosystems, particularly sustainability of agricultural biodiversity.

Rice culture and consumption in Kashmir has been in vogue since the drainage of water from Satisar by Kashyap Reshi. Farmers had developed sound traditional knowledge about the parameters for good rice harvest and management of blast (rai) disease. Sustained rice production by adopting organic pratices coupled with indigenous farming implements and bullock power was invariably followed.

health sciences Hooked, genetically Researchers of the University of Michigan, usa, have cracked the genetic secrets of nicotine addiction. Whether or not one gets hooked to smoking is dependent on a particular variant of a gene

Going by the text of the National Biotechnology Regulatory Bill 2008, the government of India and specifically, the department of biotechnology (DBT), have a clear disdain for the need to conserve biodiversity, or allow state governments to exercise their constitutional rights over their agriculture. (Letter)

Dinajpur district in West Bengal, India is traditionally famous for its indigenous rice biodiversity. However, this highly valuable biodiversity is under threat. The indigenous rice biodiversity of old alluvial region of North and South Dinajpur has been highlighted in this paper.

Greenpeace Seeks Data On Field Trials; Firm Says It's Trade Secret.

A wheat disease that could destroy most of the world's main wheat crops could strike south Asia's vast wheat fields two years earlier than research had suggested, leaving millions to starve.

Later this month, the first batch of seeds will be stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault to ensure that should a major catastrophe ever hit the planet, survivors should at least have access to a seed bank and so may be able to grow food. Eventually, over 200000 crop varieties will be hidden in this Arctic ice sanctuary deep in a mountain near the village of Longyearbyen, built by the Norwegian Government for the benefit of mankind.

Engineers began pumping chilly air into a