Banana harvests in Colombia, the world's fourth-largest exporter, and other Latin American producers could be crippled by the potential arrival of a fungus which withers the crop, a top agricultura

A Mexican federal judge banned the entry of fresh potatoes from the United States amid concerns that pests they contain may damage the environment, Mexico's Federal Judicial Council (CJF) said on T

Yusuf Ibrahim, a tomato farmer in Kano, Nigeria, has lost almost 90 percent of his crop this year to Tuta absoluta.

Abuja — The federal government on Tuesday confirmed the six states hit by a pest called the Tomato Leaf Miner or Tuta absoluta, commonly referred to as 'Tomato Ebola.'

Farmers are in a dilemma whether to go for cotton damaged by whiteflies last year or prefer other crop.

An Asian wasp that threatens the UK’s sweet chestnuts has been designated a high-priority tree pest for the first time.

Climate change and globalisation are fuelling an explosion in the pests and diseases that afflict south-east Asia’s cassava crops, threatening a multi-billion dollar industry and the staple food of

Having witnessed extensive damage to cotton crop due to whitefly attack last season, Punjab and Haryana are taking measures such as pushing for timely sowing of recommended crop varieties to safegu

Bialowieza Forest is the kind of place you imagine from the Grimm fairy tales.

Hailstorm and strong winds in many parts of the state have flattened the wheat crop. Farmers have demanded a special girdawari and adequate compensation from the state government.