THANJAVUR: Bhakthavachalam Memorial Trust Krishi Vigyan Kendra (BMTKVK) at Sengipatti near here conducted a training programme for extension functionaries to create awareness about Coconut Leaf Beetle (Brontispa longissima), a new threat to coconut and other palms at the kendra recently.

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Farmland struck by infestations of bugs following widespread adoption of Bt cotton made by biotech giant Monsanto.

Scientists are calling for the long-term risks of GM crops to be reassessed after field studies revealed an explosion in pest numbers around farms growing modified strains of cotton.

Vijayawada, April 4: Mango growers in Krishna district are worried with the late flowering which is likely to reduce the size of the fruit and decrease production.

strains in India has begun to stutter and sputter in the last month, from triumphal to tentative. First came the government

In a setback for genetically engineered cotton, Monsanto, innovator of the strain, confirmed what sceptics had said might well happen, that the pests it was supposed to resist better than natural cotton would also innovate.

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Firm asks farmers to switch to its second-generation product to delay resistance further

Pink bollworm resistant to pest-killing protein of Bt cotton in four districts

Monsanto's advice ridiculous, say scientists

New Delhi: In what is bound to strengthen environment minister Jairam Ramesh

Infested:A file picture of a black gram plant infected with yellow mosaic virus.

The Andhra Pradesh Government has ordered a study to assess the damage caused to blackgram crop by the yellow mosaic virus in East and West Godavari districts.

LONDON: A major scientific review has indicated that as a result of climate change, the world will become


Farmers in Ikkadu and Kambathur blocks in Tiruvallur district have been issued an alert on a pest attack by prodinea
FARMERS who have cultivated pulse crops like greengram and blackgram in Tiruvallur district have been issued an alert on a pest attack by prodinea, whose caterpillar eats away the leaves and causes heavy damage to crops.