Afterwards, an eerie silence envelops the field. There is only the crop

Hives are better than fences

Despite environmental pressure against the use of chemical fertilisers, the deadly substances continue to be used unabated across the globe. At the end of the 20th century an average of 91 kgs of

Drought like spell in J&K spells doom for saffron farmers

If one goes by a recent study, there will be no tropical jungles left in Mexico by 2059. The study shows that Mexico lost an average of 2.72 million acres of forests and jungles each year between

A Rs 2-million project to develop an

Logging bans fail to rectify the fundamental causes of deforestation

Dying paddy crops leave Kashmir valley farmers high and dry. The state government chips in late to combat the crisis

High political drama marks climate negotiations as the European Union strives to ratify the Kyoto protocol without the US, world"s biggest polluter

Shrimp farming is not as bad as earlier thought, says a study sponsored by the Indian Council for Agricultural Research. Aquaculture has neither increased the salinity of land nor caused large-scale