Six years ago, Bill Mckibben wrote The End of Nature and became the most prominent literary environmentalist. But writing this book depressed him, and he decided to look more optimistically at the


Tough measures to curtail the incidence Of AIDS have helped Cuba win what often seems a losing battle in many parts of the world. The methods, adopted a decade ago, include the quarantine of

Cubans are embarking on an oil-free future by giving up automobiles for energy-efficient bicycles. Since the withdrawal of Soviet oil supplies in 1990, the number of private autos on the streets of

As Washington tries to rebuild its strained relationships in Latin America, China is stepping in vigorously, offering countries across the region large amounts of money while they struggle with sharply slowing economies, a plunge in commodity prices and restricted access to credit.

>> Sicko, Produced and directed by Michael Moore, 125 minutes, USA Michael Moore has penchant for turning polemics into cinema. And good cinema at that. His first film, Roger and


Excessive tourism Development is pcoving to be on Cuban environment A major bug msem is the con of a stone bridge dw mainland with on I cays or rand or sand. "It's dw immediate so dw


Beset by falling fish catches, Cuba has decided to create new, highly independent and flexible production units, with economic and labour conditions which will guarantee worker stimulation. The move

CUBA's plans to rehabilitate its hiv patients within the community rather than locking them up in hospitals has not met with much success. "Uptill now, only 170 people have joined the