Authors of a report (April 19) on post-tsunami shelter and settlement strategy of the Tamil Nadu government respond to a rejoinder by C V Sankar (May 17), officer on special duty for relief and rehabilitation.

Faint Flappings Of the 78 endangered bird species in India, 13 are at extreme risk. * 1) Himalayan Quail

Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD) has been working in the Rayalseema reion of Andhra Pradesh since the mid 1990s on restoration of Panchayati Raj tanks. Around 40 tanks have been restored in the region by SPWD in collaboration with local Non Government Organizations (NGOs), through formation of representative community-based Tank Management Committees (TMCs).

The Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research is enthused by the discovery of uranium at Wakhyn in Meghalaya and the permission to prospect in the Rajiv Gandhi Tiger Sanctuary.