Understanding the dimensions of pathways of introduction of alien plants is important for regulating species invasions, but how particular pathways differ in terms of post-invasion success of species they deliver has never been rigorously tested. We asked whether invasion status, distribution and habitat range of 1,007 alien plant species introduced after 1500 A.D. to the Czech Republic differ among four basic pathways of introduction recognized for plants.

India’s largest crocodile bank situated here is gearing up to welcome four more crocodile species to its collection.

Sun-baked and debt-choked Greece presented on Monday a plan to become Europe's solar energy powerhouse, attracting up to 20 billion euros of investment in the decades to come to lift its economy ou

It may shock the Indian middle-class to know that it lives

The Czech Environment Ministry said it was still in talks on how carbon emissions permits will be allocated after 2013, retracting an earlier statement that an agreement had been reached with the finance ministry to grant most permits for free to electricity producers.

"We expect that the question of derogations will be debated by the government in June or July," Environment Ministry spokeswoma

ParisIn the inbox of Petr Zavodsky, director of nuclear power plant construction at Czech power group CEZ are three sets of proposals from American, French and Russian consortiums, all angling for a $30-billion contract to build five new reactors.

State-owned CEZ, central Europe

The European Union will re-open its emissions trading scheme step by step as security improves, after a possibly concerted theft by hackers of carbon permits worth up to 30 million euros ($40.5 million), EU officials said.

The EU on Wednesday imposed a week-long freeze on spot trade in its carbon market, the bloc's chief weapon for fighting climate change, after emissions permits called EU allo

Rescue workers sought to clear flood-borne debris including damaged cars and evacuate victims after heavy rains and stormy winds across central Europe killed at least 15 people over the weekend.

India and the Czech Republic on Tuesday completed the substantive part of the bilateral engagements and inked agreements that had been scheduled to coincide with the three-day visit of Vice President Hamid Ansari to Prague.

As a result of the process of economic transition since the early 1990s,the Czech Republic has been able to stay below its Kyoto Protocol assigned amount of GHGs.This surplus can be traded with other industrialised countries.The revenues of such trades are spent domestically on energy saving programmes. This article describes how this has been organised.