for patients requiring expert advice from hospitals abroad, the telemedicine service would be a boon. This global medical consultation service was recently launched in New Delhi by the city-based

• For ensuring the safety of six major dams

• The municipal corporation of Shimla has finalised a Rs 7.5 crore integrated waste management plan for the town. Under the plan, separate arrangement will be made for the disposal of solid

• India was one of the signatories to the draft international convention on liability and compensation for damages in connection with the carriage of hazardous and rundous substances by sea,

To prevent a recurrence of the devastating fire 1hat broke out in west Delhi on June 6 last year, the Delhi High Court said in a recent ruling that the ban on trade in poly vinyl chloride

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A journey down the Yamuna through its course in Delhi may not exactly fit the league of Joseph Conrad's Congo odyssey in his Heart of Darkness, but it does inspire some excitement. My suggestion

• Indian textile exporters will have no choice but to switch to eco-friendly dyes in view of the German ban on import of textiles using azo dyes. The ban will finally came into effect from April

Reduced to being a receptacle of household and industrial wastes and victimised by lopsided development, the Yamuna, Delhi's lifeline, is crying out for attention

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) is on a massive public aware- ness campaign against pollution, especially in urban areas. A new addition to its strategy is an electronic signboard (LED