An international scientific conference about the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems, adaptation strategies and mitigation kicked off here on Thursday bringing together 147 participants f

Abuja — The Senate Wednesday began moves to address the lingering threats of desertification and drought in the country as a bill seeking to establish the National Agency for the Great Green Wall i

A bill seeking to create the Great Green Wall to check drought, desertification and deforestation in 11 northern states passed second reading in the senate yesterday.

Infighting between competing government departments has weakened the world's ability to tackle droughts, a U.N.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has made available an 'Impulse Report' and a 'Book of Abstracts' in advance of the UNCCD 3rd Scientific Conference, which will convene from 9-12 March 2015, in Cancún, Mexico.

Australia's deserts will expand southward and dry periods will lengthen as global warming alters key tropical circulations, according to new research by US scientists.

The world’s drylands are subject to desertification as a result of extended droughts, climate change, and human activities. Development in drylands depends on addressing degradation of the ecosystem, mainstreaming sustainable natural resources management, and building upon the existing adaptive capacities of communities and institutions. In this regard, recent scientific results aimed to promote sustainable development through action plans for combating desertification.

THE Federal Government has made available about N16 billion for the implementation of Great Green Wall (GGW) programme aimed at checking desertification in northern parts of the country, increasing

About a quarter of India's land is turning to desert and degradation of agricultural areas is becoming a severe problem, the environment minister said, potentially threatening food security in the

Study under way on Mongolian steppes aims to improve knowledge of warming effects on vegetation.