the World Health Organization (who) along with its Stop tb partnership programme, announced on June 22 guidelines to curb two forms of tuberculosis

india has reported two new advances in cancer diagnostics and treatment. The reports were among the top three presented at the

There is a logic to the idea of neglected diseases. Historically the diseases poor people get largely in the poorer parts of the world haven t got enough attention from policy makers in national governments and multilateral agencies precisely because they

indian researchers have developed a rapid test for chikungunya virus, which they claim to be "more sensitive' and "more specific' than current diagnostic techniques. The test will detect the viral

us scientists have produced a device that could potentially screen patients for lung cancer. The new device works from a known principal

To identify the presence and degree of bacterial contamination on stethoscopes used by physicians and physician assistants in an outpatient setting, the researchers swabbed and cultured 60 stethoscopes. They defined the degree of contamination as follows: minimal contamination, 1-2 isolates; moderate contamination, 3 isolates; and severe contamination.

In the African meningitis belt, epidemics of meningococcal disease occur periodically, although unpredictably, every few years. These epidemics continue to cause havoc but new efforts to control the disease, through the use of conjugate vaccines, are being made.

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defective blood-testing kits sold to West Bengal government clinics, blood banks and hospitals may have resulted in thousands of people receiving hiv or Hepatitis B- and C-infected blood.

scientists at the Imperial College, London, are close to finalising a simple blood test for tuberculosis (tb), which will be useful, especially in detecting the disease in children. The test

Can scan for thousands of microbes in 24 hours