the diagnosis of tuberculosis is likely to be faster and more reliable in the future with researchers from the uk based University of Oxford developing a new diagnostic kit called ELISPOT

Is the crisis spawned by this new viral infection a failure of global health governance?

Several strains of influenza or flu have been named after Guangdong province, where the first sars cases surfaced. This dubious distinction stems from the agricultural practices prevalent in the

Between March 25 and 27, 2003, two different groups of researchers in the cdc and Hong Kong University announced that a previously unrecognised coronavirus could have caused the sars epidemic.

sars is a stark reminder that there is no universal safeguard against infectious diseases. The syndrome has actu

From now onwards we have to battle with another mysterious enemy. Since February 2003, a disease similar to influenza has officially killed 48 people and affected hundreds of others across the world, especially in China and Hong Kong. But it was only in

CII study recommends greater private role in India's healthcare sector, but the document centres around the lucrative tertiary care market only

Bangladesh s arsenic mitigation project, overseen by UN agencies, is seriously flawed

Arsenic has made deep inroads into the country via its aquifers

A Punjab resident holds inferior quality drugs responsible for his son s serious illness