Will SEZs be fiefdoms, beyond the law?

Special Economic Zones barter away democracy

At a media studded book release function, a leading editor was recounting a recent incident. He was travelling with a top Uttar Pradesh politician who we will not name but call Mr A in his brand

West Bengal s Left Front government is all set to displace farmers

But will mining displace 50,000 families in Karnataka?

The iniquitous development agenda pursued by successive governments at the centre and the state has rendered several tribal groups in Orissa, who reside in some of the poorer, more inaccessible districts of the state, largely marginal to the governance process.

• Free houses for displaced people at the rate of 125 sq metres in rural areas, and 63 sq metres in urban areas

That nobody has bothered about

A disaster the world prefers to forget

Women, Mining and Displacement: Report of a Pilot Study Conducted in Jharkhand