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They are cheap and bright, but are very often dangerous. Many Chinese-made firecrackers use the highly unstable chemical potassium chlorate — which is the main reason they are banned in India.

Chief secretary asked to look into matter personally, file affidavit

INDORE: Ahead of Diwali, the regional Pollution Control Board (PCB) has started monitoring air and noise pollution levels in the city. The drive started this week will extend till October 30.

HYDERABAD: It could well be a dull Diwali for Hyderabad's cracker sellers this year.

Testing in Pune was conducted at an open ground recently. “We have submitted our report to the MPCB HQ for further analysis and the results will be declared soon,” MPCB officials said.

Snake tablets were followed by ladis (strings of 1,000 crackers), pulpuls (a kind of colourful fuljhadis), fuljhadis, chakris and anaars in the level of pollutants generated.

NEW DELHI: Brace for severely poor air quality this Diwali, primarily due to two reasons: one, pollution levels are already high because of massive agricultural-residue burning in neighbouring stat

GHAZIABAD: The high pollution levels in Kaushambi have forced the Kaushambi Apartments Residents Welfare Association (KARWA) to start an online campaign to discourage the use of firecrackers this D

TRICHY: The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board (TNPCB) will set up temporary Ambient Air Quality Stations at three places in the city to monitor pollution levels during Diwali.

KOLKATA: Environmentalists fear the ostensible flip-flop by West Bengal Pollution Control Board over permissible noise level of firecrackers this year will make the din unbearable on Kali Puja and