As Papua New Guinea gives go-ahead to a Canadian mining company to dredge its coastal seabed for minerals, critics say environmental assessments have been inadequate, local objections ignored and new species of life could be extinct before they have even been discovered.

Methods of mopping up the oil hitting the shore from the Gulf spill must be carefully assessed to be sure they don't do more harm than good.

Tourism employs bird hunters to guard winged visitors of Chilika lake : a report.

Southwest China's monsoon-driven climate doesn't bring much precipitation in autumn and winter. But this year's dry season

S.O. 3067(E), [01/12/2009] - Environmental Impact Assessement Notification-2009.

This article talks about a small patch of mangrove forest near the Meghadrigedda creek of Visakhapatnam coast of Andhra Pradesh. The creek located in Visakhapatnam (17

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Hundreds of dams are planned across the continent. Here we highlight some of the leading threats to rivers and communities in Latin America.

Olive Ridley turtles missed their annual nesting trip to the Orissa coast last year. Conservation groups blamed the upcoming port at Dhamra. The turtles are back this year, and port proponents Tata and L&T claim vindication. They overlook the violations that have allowed the port at Dhamra in the first place On March 23, 2009, environmental group Green-peace International issu-ed a full-page

Are the Maldives doomed to disappear beneath the waves, or can a last ditch effort hold back rising sea levels?