THE Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) has said that the government must take efforts to provide clean drinking water to eradicate the dangers posed by bottled water.


BWSSB officials have blamed recent instances of water contamination on the presence of "illegal and unauthorised pipelines" in "slums and low-lying areas."

AMC serves losure noticesto' major companies

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) served closure notices to at least three major companies selling bottled water in residential and commercial neighbourhoods in the city after they failed tests for purity.

Rahul Mangaonkar & Paul John | TNN

Ahmedabad: If racketeers bottling water containing harmful microbial organisms in appalling conditions and peddling it as an ISI marked product were posing a grave risk to public life, licensed '1ST manufacturers fare no better.

Ahmedabad: Who is responsible and accountable to the unsuspecting consumers being fooled by racketeers who are peddling illegally ISI marked 'packaged drinking water?

Action After TOI Expose On Bottled Water Scam
Team TOI

Ahmedabad: Several agencies swung into action on Monday after the TOI expose on the bottled water racket and how it posed a health risk on the users.

Contamination of drinking water with sewage struck Bharatinagar once again this weekend. A total of 47 families residing within a common compound on Makhan Road Cross are now bearing the brunt of contaminated water.

Rahul Mangaonkar & Paul John | TNN

Ahmedabad: So you don't feel a threat from the needles which are causing a hepatitis epidemic? Listen, that 'trusted' ISI mark on your 20-litre jar of so-called "ozonised mineral drinking water" could be fake!

The lives of nearly four million people of Thatta, Badin, Tando Mohammad Khan and the rural parts of Hyderabad districts were under threat due to the supply of highly contaminated water. These districts of lower Sindh get water through the irrigation system of left bank canal system of Kotri Barrage, including Phulelli Canal, Pinyari and Akram Wah.

A cause of cancer HIGH concentrations of radioactive gas radon have been detected in Bengalooru