This comprehensive study conducted by Central Water Commission on 387 river water quality stations covering 16 river basins found that water samples at 171water quality (WQ) stations were within the permissible limit for all purposes, while 100 stations were beyond the permissible limit due to presence of two or more toxic metals. Water was considered unfit for use as per BIS standards in 92 WQ monitoring stations due to presence of Iron beyond permissible limit.

Water quality deterioration in distribution systems, mainly caused by inappropriate planning, design and construction or inadequate operation and maintenance and water quality control, has been linked to a significant proportion of the burden of waterborne and water-related illness.

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) in the matter of Jagat Narayan Viswakarma & Ors. Vs. Union of India & Ors. And Ashwani Kumar Dubey Vs. Union of India & Ors. dated 13/05/2014 regarding the pollution of Gobind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Reservoir) caused by industries. It is seriously polluted with discharge of fly ash and other effluents from the industries.

NANJING - Tap water supply in Jingjiang in east China's Jiangsu Province resumed on Sunday morning after an odor was detected in the Yangtze River water source, said local authorities.

Water distribution systems are vulnerable to performance deficiencies that can cause (re)contamination of treated water and plausibly lead to increased risk of gastrointestinal illness (GII) in consumers. The researchers reviewed published studies that compare direct tap water consumption to consumption of tap water re-treated at the point of use (POU) and studies of specific system deficiencies such as breach of physical or hydraulic pipe integrity and lack of disinfectant

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Western Zone Bench, Pune) in the matter of Mr. Asim Sarode & Anr Vs The Collector of Nanded & Ors dated 12/03/2014 regarding high concentration of fluoride in the drinking water, Maharashtra.

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The report ‘A Concept Note on Geogenic Contamination of Ground Water In India with a Special note on Nitrate’ intends to serve as a national compilation of all relevant information on major geogenic contaminants reported in India.

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Madhusudan Sharma Vs. State of Rajasthan & Ors. dated 27/01/2014 regarding contaminated water being supplied to some of the residential colonies in the city of Jaipur. By such act, few deaths have taken place and the health of the residents has been put to jeopardy.

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The water quality issue in Kashmir has not yet got its due importance. A comprehensive water quality monitoring program is indispensable to assess the water quality status of the national rivers.

A mysterious chronic kidney disease is afflicting a large number of people in India and Sri Lanka. Despite decades of studies, scientists are yet to pinpoint the cause of the disease. Vibha Varshney travels to Sri Lanka and analyses the state of research, while Richard Mahapatra and M Suchitra report from the hotspots of the disease in India.

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