>> The World Food Programme is working with the Ethiopian government to extend drought insurance. The US $230 million insurance will cover about 6.7 million people, which will be disbursed in case

• China plans to invest US $175 billion (more than 1.5 per cent of its national GDP) towards protecting the environment during its 11 th five-year plan. The money will be spent on water pollution control, improving air quality in cities, disposing of solid waste, harnessing soil erosion and improving rural environment.

THE National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) is barely three months old on the ground.

The Center proposes to consolidate all watershed programmes under a single ministry. The aim of the new programme, called Hariyali, is to streamline work and avoid duplication. "I am totally in

Five districts in Sindh province of Pakistan and 3000 human settlements are reeling under a prolonged drought. According to Sindh's additional chief secretary (development), Shahzado Shaikh,

Battle lines are drawn as drought proofing remains a distant dream

Sri Lanka is facing a severe drought and the number of affected people is estimated to be around 1.5 million across seven of the country's 25 districts. The US-based World Vision Organisation said

In the face of an acute drought, a cayman is forced

Rajasthan, which is facing a severe drought for the third consecutive year, has decided to start a social audit system for its relief operations. The state government, which has undertaken its

Drought-proofing is a far cry. The drought of 2001 in 11 states of India is likely to go down as one of the worst in the past century. Government drought relief schemes fail due to bad planning and corruption. It can"t even provide short-term relief to th