The Pakistan government has imposed a ban on manufacturing of import, sale and use of non-degradable plastic bags and other products in federal capital. Read more in this March 2014 edition of the Monthly Overview on State of Environment, Pakistan.

YOKOHAMA: International scientists gathered near Tokyo on Tuesday for a week-long meeting centred on a grim climate change report that warned of floods and drought that could stoke conflicts and wr

India’s northern states are more vulnerable than the rest to a deficiency of rain in the next monsoon season due to the El Niño threat.

Thiruvananthapuram: Though not indicated as El Nino effect, soaring temperatures and a likely drop in summer showers could lead to a drought like situation in Kerala, according to Indian Meteorolog

A strong hailstorm hit many parts of Manipur on Thursday night leaving a trail of destruction mostly in the four valley districts.

The hailstorm started from 7.30 p.m. and lasted till 10.30 p.m. Vast areas of vegetables and fruit bearing trees were destroyed. The strong wind also blew away roofs of houses. Reports are that some houses had also been razed to ground. However there is no report of casualty.

State severely threatened by climate change, says State Action Plan on Climate Change

Alappuzha, Palakkad, Wayanad and Idukki districts are climate change hotspots in Kerala, with a high degree of vulnerability to natural hazards like flood and drought and impact on biodiversity and human life.

A monsoon failure in 2014 due to El Niño’s return could slow the pace of economic recovery, and gross domestic product could grow just 5.2% in the 2014-15 fiscal, said a Crisil Research report on

Punjab, Rajasthan oppose state’s plea on using Hansi-Butana canal

Citing Centre’s alert on possible drought in 2014 due to the El Nino effect, Haryana today pleaded in the Supreme Court for using the 109-km Hansi-Butana canal by pumping water from the Bakhra Mainline (BML).

The terrestrial ecosystems of North America have been identified as a sink of atmospheric CO2 though there is no consensus on the magnitude. However, the emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases (CH4 and N2O) may offset or even overturn the climate cooling effect induced by the CO2 sink. Using a coupled biogeochemical model, in this study, we have estimated the combined global warming potentials (GWP) of CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes in North American terrestrial ecosystems and quantified the relative contributions of environmental factors to the GWP changes during 1979–2010.

Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar on Wednesday ruled out a sharp fall in foodgrain production because of an anticipated adverse impact of El Nino on the southwestern monsoon.