You can't tilt against these windmills. A good wind has literally swept into the lives of the inhabitants of Chile's Coquimbo region as 31 windmills have been set spinning to pump water. Some of the

A severe drought has brought into focus the precarious position of Japan's water resources

ETHIOPIA, one of the oldest of farm civilisations, has been mercilessly ravaged by war and famine. Fortunately, Valiant & Khan's Treasures of Ethiopia spares the viewer the stereotypical images of

Tanzanian farmers need no longer flee to the cities in search of greener pastures. The spectre of mass migration from rural areas has been haunting the nation ever since it was hit by a severe crop

FRUIT and vegetable farmers in California, USA, are experiencing one of the driest seasons of the century, not because of paltry rains but due to a shortsighted official policy. A new ruling has

PERHAPS no environmental problem affects the poor of the world as much as desertification. The UN Environmental Programme UNEP says this has affected 900 million people and 6.1 billion ha. But desertification is an issue far more complex than just degr

While the cultivation of paddy in Punjab (and Haryana) does need some curbing, the extreme forebodings of either total groundwater exhaustion in Punjab or of the state turning into a desert of paddy growing is not curbed forthwith are unwarranted.

The Shree Vivekananda Research and Training Institute has made a name for itself, helping villagers in Kutch district. Among its innumerable projects are solving water problems, soil conservation and dairy farming

A hardy bacterium that can adapt to water scarce conditions offers clues to how crops can survive dry periods

About 11 million people in Orissa and Bihar have become victims of a famine that has occurred despite adequate food stocks in the country.