Public pressure forces US agency to reconsider proposed move to suspend paediatric drug testing rule

The bill fails to utilise obvious relief routes offered by TRIPS

The bill keeps national interests intact and remains TRIPS compliant

The newly amended patents bill is replete with loopholes

It is a bad time for biotechnology firms. Since the start of 2002, biotech stocks have gone down and as a consequence, biotech funds have dipped too. The American Stock Exchange Biotech

The Patents Second Amendment Bill has found favour with both Houses of Parliament. With the Lok Sabha s approval on May 13, debate on the bill has assumed mammoth proportions. Has the government fallen in with World Trade Organisation diktat, or has it

A new computing laboratory can project larger than real life images of human body s smallest part

The link between corporate funding and research rankles

Private funding has given a new meaning to scientific research today. With rising corporate research budgets, academic institutions are leaning more on industry sponsorship and less on government or charitable foundations. A major fallout of this alliance

On off switch for fat formation identified