THE increase of debilitating disorders, like asthma, may have sent shock waves amongst the human population worldwide, but has resulted in a windfall for the pharmaceutical industries the

THE blue-blooded horseshoe crab found along the Orissa coast is set to change the face of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. These crabs, termed 'living fossils' because of their

EIGHTY per cent of the world's population depends on indigenous knowledge to meet their medicinal needs, and at least half rely on indigenous knowledge and crops for food supplies, according to a

Local and tional pharmaceutipanies are making a for South Africa's nal heating systems. v in demand are the Vas and Nyangas, the iniam branches of healers P were once. regarded as cinoners of

THE pharmaceutical giants in the industrialised world are seriously hindering progressive research by refusiDgto share significant scientific data with the academics. They are jealously

EUROPEAN pharmaceutical companies, specially those based in Germany and are bell bent on blocking the of the low priced Spanish and wipme drugs in the European Union When Spain and

In an effort to save the world's dwinilling stock of fish, pharmaceutical and nufritign products industry are turning towards algae-derived polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs). Two firmis -

Those tiny, unseeable lifeforms that one so puzzled about till a few decades ago are all set to take noticeable strides into our lives in the future...though they aren't exactly in a hurry. Today,

WASTE WONDERS: This had to happen: domestic and other wastes can go into making objects of daily use. A Canadian company, Low Energies Extrusion Technologies, uses flyash, clay, wire scrap and

American pharmaceutical barons are buying up shares by the lot in biotech firms