• Nicolas Hayek, chairperson of SMH AG, is looking for a partner to introduce the automotive equivalent of the Swatch watch he made famous in the 1980s. Hayek's inexpensive, stylish and

Multinational pharmaceutical companies Hoechst and Gist Brocades (GB) have locked horns, through their Indian representatives Ranbaxy and Max India, over a proposed joint venture with the public

THIS UNIDO study is an useful data source on the world's pharmaceutical industry and has been used in the World Development Report, 1993. The UNIDO data files on this often secretive industry are

Under pressure from transnationals, the Bangladesh government is likely to ease restrictions on producing and importing medicines.

A visit to a Dhaka clinic provides a good idea of the extent to which drugs can help.

If pharmaceutical companies concentrate on manufacturing and selling essential drugs, business needs and health requirements can be met.

THE ABORTION pill RU486 developed by French drug company Roussel-Uclaf may be available soon in the US market, following meetings between Rous-sel-Uclaf president Edouard Sakiz and US food

THE DUNKEL draft on the renegotiated GATT is finally becoming a public concern in India and farmers are taking the issue to the streets. Several industrial sectors, too, have expressed concern

THE STAKES are high in the rifampicin (a new anti-TB drug) sweepstakes. Lupin Laboratories presently dominates the market, which, according to the ministry of chemicals, did a business of Rs 236

Vaccine trials in a Madhya Pradesh government hospital are making children sick. Down To Earth finds out that harmful chemicals in high amounts is the culprit.