The Indian Council of Medical Research (icmr) has recently purchased access rights to contents published in the uk-based Cochrane library's website. It contains evidence to assist decision-making

groundwater contamination in Goa's Pilerne industrial estate has led to a drinking water crisis in its surrounding villages. By now, more than 300 residents from Orda and Saipem villages have been

GPCB issues closure noticeto 49 industrial units

New alternative testing methods, which will reduce the need for testing certain drugs and chemicals on animals, were recently approved by a scientific committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee

Effluents threaten Nilgiri

A bill has been introduced in the us Senate that imposes the burden of proving the safety of chemicals present in consumer goods on their manufacturers. The Child, Worker and Consumer-Safe


Why are companies across all product categories nutracising their brands? Obviously, to catch a huge market growing by the day for health and dietary supplements

Scientists decode genome of a bacterium with medical and industrial uses

smokescreen: Two persons were charred to death and 25 injured in a major fire at pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy's factory in Mohali, Punjab, on June 11. The blaze was preceded by blasts at the