New Delhi: The Environment ministry has said that over 1.5 lakh people will be affected due to construction of the Polavaram multi-purpose project in Andhra Pradesh.

"A total of 1,77,275 persons will be affected in Andhra Pradesh as a result of construction of the project," Environment and Forest minister Jayanthi Natarajan said in reply to a question in Rajya Sabha.

Andhra Pradesh heaved a sigh of relief as ‘Lehar’, which was initially categorised as a severe cyclonic storm, petered out into a deep depression today and made landfall near Machilipatnam in the e

Residents now worried about cyclone Lehar

Recent cyclones Phailin and Helen have severely hit the earnings of coconut growers in coastal districts like Srikakulam, East and West Godavari and Krishna. The two cyclones destroyed more than 110,000 coconut trees, resulting in an estimated loss of Rs 3.30 crore, according to government officials. Besides, crowns of thousands of coconut trees were damaged by heavy winds and now it would take more than a year for them to reach normal production. On average, a tree gives 300 nuts per year.

Swell waves reaching a height of 2-3 metres generated by the Lehar cyclone will start hitting the coast near Kakinada from the early hours of Wednesday, much before the landfall time on November 28

It is expected to make landfall between Kalingapatnam and Masula on Nov. 28.

Vijayawada: Cyclone Helen, the second major storm to hit Andhra coast in four weeks since Phailin, made landfall on the coast south of Machilipatnam around 1.30pm on Friday, leaving an aftermath of

Trees were uprooted disrupting traffic, communication and electricity towers were damaged as strong gales with speed reaching 100-110 kmph caused havoc in the coastal districts

The cyclone is likely to hit southern Andhra coast close to Machilipatnam in Krishna District this afternoon

Andhra Pradesh administration is fully geared up to face the severe cyclonic storm Helen over west- central Bay of Bengal which is likely to hit southern Andhra coast close to Machilipatnam in Krishna District this afternoon.

Hyderabad: Ravaged by six days of rain last week, and by Cyclone Phailin a fortnight ago, Srikakulam faces another round of heavy rain.

According to the Meteorological department, isolated heavy rain may occur over Srikakulam in the next 24 hours. The district continued to receive intense rain on Sunday: Ranasthalam recorded 16 cm. The official death toll in the rains was placed at 47, with six persons still missing.

Heavy rains battering several parts of Andhra Pradesh for the last five days have left at least 42 persons dead, caused extensive damage to standing crops spread over eight lakh hectares and inunda