BHUBANESWAR: The State Government has reiterated the demand for allowing the mineral-bearing States to levy green tax taking into consideration the adverse environmental impact from mining activiti

The National Board of Revenue could not execute the provision of collecting environment surcharge from the polluting factories even after one month of introduction of the law due to lack of the lis

At least a hundred cars queued up at the fuel depots in the capital after word spread that the five percent green tax on petrol and diesel comes into effect from today.

Consumers and businesses saw green taxes increase by £1.7 billion in 2013, including a rise of more than £500 million for renewable energy projects

The National Board of Revenue has taken an initiative to prepare a list of polluting industries for imposing and collecting newly introduced green tax, officials said.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said the government will compensate for lower revenue from a planned ecology tax through other types of levies, for example motorway toll taxes.

Finance minister AMA Muhith on Thursday proposed to introduce ‘environment protection surcharge’ or ‘green tax’ on ad-valorem basis on all kinds of products manufactured in the country by the indus

Bangladesh is to unveil a new “green tax” Thursday that will force polluting factories to pay extra levies as it looks to clean up the country’s increasingly dirty rivers and air, an official said

The government is going to impose eco tax in the form of surcharge from the coming fiscal year of 2014-15 on industries responsible for polluting environment in a bid to control pollution and encou

The government is planning to introduce eco tax from the next fiscal year in an attempt to curb pollution by the industrialists, finance minister AMA Muhith on Thursday said.