Nainital: It may not be good news for tourists but for Mussoorie it could literally mean a breath of fresh air. The Uttarakhand government has decided to introduce eco tax upon entry into the Queen of Hills with immediate effect, which is a first in the history of Mussoorie. It will be in line with the Naini lake tax charged from tourists in Nainital.

The mining lobby in Goa appears to be headed for a collision course with the Government over moves to levy surcharge on mining rejects, even as the season kicked off today on an optimistic outlook.
The State Government had proposed to levy a green cess of Rs 30 per tonne on mining rejects as a major step towards moping up State

The Maldives archipelago, threatened by rising sea levels blamed on climate change, said on Monday it would introduce a new environment tax on all tourists who use its resorts and provide its economic lifeline.

China's Ministry of Finance is developing a study that explores the effects and impacts of levying environmental taxes to curb overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

The report, which was described to the National Business Daily last week, could be out within a month, according to Su Ming, the deputy director of a think tank within the Ministry of Finance.

It is a move that may draw flak or resistance, but when you look at the bigger picture, a ban on plastic bags and levying a tax on their use will do our surroundings a world of good.

The Rajya Sabha MP and former Union Minister, Mr Arun Shourie, has stressed the need for India to move ahead in introducing green taxation system.

Addressing presspersons on Tuesday during his visit to Mangalore, Mr Shourie said that India should be a pioneer in introducing green taxation in the world.

This article introduces a multiagent simulation framework for investigating the emergence of niche markets for environmentally innovative products. It clarifies how consumer preferences, business strategy, and government policy interact during market development. The framework allows investigation of the effects of uncertainty and agents' corresponding coping strategies.

There was a jamboree in my town recently, a gathering of the powerful and famous, to discuss the climate change agreement the world must carve out in Copenhagen by end 2009. But what happened was

This report explains three basic principles of Greening growth: quality of economic growth, eco-efficiency of economic growth, and environmental sustainability vis-a-vis environmental performance: and four pillars of Green growth: eco-tax reform, sustainable infrastructure, the greening of business and sustainable consumption.

This report assesses the key drivers, environmental pressures and some impacts from the production and consumption of energy, taking into account the main objectives of the European policy on energy and environment including: security of supply, competitiveness, increased energy efficiency and renewable energy, and environmental sustainability.