CLIMATE MEET:Dhumal also proposes voluntary eco cess on all vehicle users

Sushmi Dey NEW DELHI

THE next time you plan to buy an electrical appliance such as a refrigerator or a TV set, think of a more energy-efficient product as you would not only save money on electricity bills, but also on your purchase. The government is working on various models to provide a tax advantage to consumers on energy-efficient electrical appliances.

Norway can realize a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the fi shing fleet through changes to the current subsidy regime for fuel and emissions for fishing vessels.

As SPANISH hauliers and French fishermen have shouted out for all the world to hear, higher fuel prices are not popular. This is uncomfortable for those

Bamboo sector in Kerala is labour intensive in nature and its employment potential is very high. Value added production, skilled labour and scientific method of production will ensure profit and employment opportunities in the sector. The livelihood security of the MBDs (Marginalised Bamboo Dependents) can be enhanced and improved through increased accessibility to raw material and market, skill development and adequate sustainable institutional support.

Most firms that process rubber in Sri Lanka do not comply with national water pollution control standards. This study seeks to estimate a pollution tax that could motivate firms to meet these
standards. The authors use data from 62 rubber producing firms in Sri Lanka over three years to estimate a marginal cost function for pollution abatement. They then estimate the taxes that would

It's a major polluter of the air. It is responsible for emissions of fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and ozone. It affects large segments of the population in every part of the country. But something may
finally be done to ameliorate the problem of vehicular pollution in Israel.

environment cess: The Delhi government has decided to levy an environment cess on diesel fuel at the rate of 25 paisa per litre. The revenue from the cess will be used to create a fund to

the congestion tax in London may soon get heavier. Under the existing system, those driving into central London pay

The Netherlands recently announced its plans to cut co2 emissions by 30 per cent by 2020. To achieve the target, it has proposed that an additional tax be imposed on cars that exceed the permissible