Though India has the highest number of people below the poverty line, the Human Development Report for South Asia indicates the country's 'poverty of opportunity', defined as lack of access to

Fiscal incentives for the middle class would help mobilise Indian money for NGOs. They would not have to depend on foreign funds

Joseph Stiglitz's resignation as the World Bank's chief economist removes from Washington perhaps the most outspoken voice in the debate over rich countries can best aid economic development in poor

With big industrial nations struggling to agree on a framework for the next round of talks on liberalizing world trade, developing countries, which often balked at such efforts in the past, are

India will oppose all the efforts of the developed West to link up world trade with issues relating to multilateral agreement on foreign investment, labour , environment, and other social issues at

The United States and China signed an agreement that will pave the way for China's entry into the World Trade Organisation. The agreement was signed by US trade representative Charlene Barshefsky and

U.S. and Chinese negotiators are in the midst of unexpectedly extensive trade talks - the clearest sign yet that both sides are trying hard to reach a deal before the World Trade Organisation starts

Overall poverty in food has increased from 24 percent in 1993-94 to 33 percent in 1998-99, says a study on poverty profile by Pakistan Institute of Development Economic (Pide).Conducted by Dr