The panel appointed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) to frame regulations for plantation schemes is planning to segregate the schemes into deposit and collective investment

The first private sector thermal power plant was commissioned recently in Colombo with the help of the government which added an additional 22.5 MW of power to Sri Lanka's national grid. Such efforts

India is likely to ask for the maximum time permissible for 15 months for putting in place the patent protection mechanisms required by the World Trade Organisation. As the WTO's appellate body has

India will receive a 200 million dollar grant from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for aiding its Ninth Plan objectives on infrastructure, technology and

India will receive a $200 million grant from the United Nations Development Programme for aiding its ninth plan objectives on infrastructure technology and employment . The grant, which will come

When the new millennium dawns Japan will pay nearly as much into United Nations coffers as the US, the single largest contributor-if it pays-under the latest financing scheme passed by the General

World Bank country director Pierre Landell-Mills said that Bangladesh could become a middle-income country by the year 2020. Releasing a report titled "Bangladesh 2020: A Long-run Perspective Study"

The West Bengal government has chalked out a plan for implementation of a number of tourism related projects involving more than Rs 50 cr. These projects are expected to take shape in the next

ILO : World Employment Report 1998-99 published by International Labour Organisation (ILO) has emphasised education and training as the tools for combatting unemployment. It has called on nations

The textile ministry has forwarded the proposal to set up a Technology Upgradation Fund, which envisages a 5 per cent interest rate subsidy to comapanies on funds taken by them for modernisation and