Thanks to apple produce, two villages in upper Shimla - Baaghi and Kiary - are competing with each other for highest per capital income in the country. At present, Baghi village in Kotkhai tops the

The Government of India declared 1999-2000 as the "year of the Gram Sabha". All chief ministers were issued a circular dated 17-3-1999 by the Union Minister of State for Rural Areas and Employment

China will clear the final hurdle for admission into the World Trade Organization late next week, with Taiwan receiving approval for membership the following day, sources close to the negotiations

A legal battle is brewing over demonstrations at this month's meeting of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank as protesters contest police plans to cordon off the centre of Washington

Frustrated at the failure of India's government and opposition to argue the case for economic reforms they both advocate in theory, one of the country's leading think-tanks has taken to the

As part of its rural community outreach program, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital along with the FICCI (Socio-Economic Development Forum) today launched its first total community development programme

World Bank : Fiscal crisis, frequent changes in government and poor governance are reasons behind the disturbing high-level of poverty in Uttar Pradesh, a World Bank report

Gulbarga has earned the distinction of being the first district in the country to have a District Human Development Index, which would take the taluk as a units. The study has been taken up by the

Tripura Government has embarked on an ambitious plan to uplift at least 30 per cent of the below poverty line populace of the state during the next five

Andhra Pradesh and Chandrababu Naidu may have a headstart over other states in the digital age, but Gujarat may have the last laugh when it implements a major e-governance project about a month. The