The World Bank has taken an important initiative to focus on economic reforms at the state level. It has sponsored the launch of a national forum called "India states" reform forum 2000: which is to

When the World Trade Organization was created five years ago, a dispute settlement system was set up to finalize trade squabbles. Now, some of the smaller members of the 138-nation WTO are signaling

Does India still live in its villages? Increasingly, more and more of it does not. Many states, goes the saying, can no longer afford a romance with thr rural. Nearly a third of India already lives

Finance ministers from the world's 20 most powerful countries are set to throw their political weight behind a renewed drive for economic globalisation at their summit in Montreal this

In South Asia women take a back seat to men on everything from health care to education to legal protection, says a United Nations-sponsored report. "Women in South Asia may work from dawn to dusk,

How do you visualise Ralegan's future ? I would like to see to it that Ralegan doesn't return to its past conditions. Twenty five years ago the social conditions in Ralegan were different

A Chinese trade official said on Monday that Beijing would press ahead with the process of joining the World Trade Organisation, despite concerns that problems will delay membership until next

The latest Human Development Report 2000, released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) recently, says that the global economic integration is creating opportunities for people around

One of the promises of globalization is that jobs are distributed to countries that need them and can do them most cheaply. That process brought many Asian nations out of poverty in the past and

The Orissa government has decided to implement a Rs 220 crore western Orissa rural livelihood project in the perenially drought-prone Bolangir and Nuapada districts this year, minister of state for