Kerala today received approval from the Planning Commission for its largest-ever Plan outlay for 2002-03, which was pegged at Rs 4,025 crore, with an additional Central assistance of Rs 4,025 crore,

At the millennium summit in 2000, many nations adopted the "Millennium Declaration" to reduce poverty to half by 2015. But most of them are unable to reach the goal due to inadequate funds.

The head of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has called for rich nations to open their markets fully to exports by developing countries, including agricultural products

The International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) cannot spur broad-based economic development unless It leads to increased funding to fight world hunger and rural poverty, three UN

India today signed three loan agreements with the World Bank for $ 490 millions. These include the Andhra Pradesh Economic Reform and Karnataka Economic Reform projects as well as the Rajasthan water

The World Bank on Friday aproved $ 665 million in loans for four projects in India aimed at reducing poverty and improving transport system. The bank approved a total amount of $ 350 million for two

Decentralisation and community driven management acquire special importance in the context of the ongoing process of globalisation and associated economic reforms, a recent study conducted by the

An Annual plan outlay of Rs 545 crore for Meghalaya was approved at a meeting between Planning Commission deputy chairman KC Pant and Meghalaya chief minister F A Khonglam. " The states need to make

The Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), in Tamil Nadu has come out with several initiatives for rural development and connectivity as part of the Vision 2020 programme.

The delegations of D-8 countries, namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey are in a three day conference in Dhaka. They are representing the government and