The World Bank abruptly cancelled plans to make public a highly critical review of $40 million loan to China for relocating 58,000 poor rural families in areas in a western province populated mostly

There would be 1.7m fewer child deaths this year had the world's governments met pledges made at the 1995 social development summit on Copenhagen, says an Oxfam report. None of the anti-poverty

Pay schemes designed to improve job opportunities for low productivity workers will not improve their position unless coupled with measures to improve skills and competence, the OECD says in a

Child poverty has risen sharply in the world since the mid-1960s because of a breakdown in conventional families, unemployment and widening income inequality, according to this year's world labour

New World Bank research suggests that civil wars are more often fueled by rebel groups competing with national governments for control of diamonds, coffee or other valuable primary commodities,

The World Trade Organisation (WTO), under fire from development groups which say it works against the poor, issued a study arguing that trade liberalisation can help reduce poverty. The study,

Britain has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the developed world, with nearly one in five living in families below the poverty line, a survey by UNICEF, the U.N. children's fund, has

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister M Chandrababu Naidu launched the country's first innovative Poverty Eradication Mission in Utnoor in which the beneficiaries will also double as the

After 40 years of agreeing that it should be done, will the rich countries finally untie their aid? On June 20th the rich-country Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development will meet for

One of the Blair government's bolder aims is to eradicate child poverty in Britain within 20 years. A study released by the United Nations Children's Fund suggests that Britain has quite a problem.