The new guidelines drafted by the Government for implementation of the Jawahar Gram Samridhi essentially lays down the criteria and procedure for allocation and release of resources. It has now been

The World Bank's board of executive directors ought to reject a loan to China that would be used to relocate 58,000 impoverished Chinese and Hui Muslim farmers to a remote area on the Tibetan plateau

The Jawahar Rozgar Yojna of the Union Ministry of Rural Development has been streamlined and restructured. The new programme, Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojna, will be decicated entirely to the

The Scientists Community Consortium for Sustainable Rural Development (SCCFSRD), a national-level nongovernmental organisation based in New Delhi and having a branch at Rohtak, will conduct a

China has asked the World Bank (WB) to fund a controversial $89 million poverty alleviation programme to move poor peasants into Tibetan lands, rejecting charges that it will assimilate Tibetans.

India has been unable to reduce the level of absolute poverty as per international standards, as the benefits of the development programmes taken up by it do not reach the poor, a senior World Bank

A World Trade Organisation(WTO) panel has ruled in India's favour in a case against Turkey for imposing quantitative restrictions on imports of 19 categores of textiles.The Dispute Settlement Panel

A senior economist with the World Bank, Dr Fahrettin Yagci, has suggested that the reform strategy of Andhra Pradesh could be the model for an overall development strateg aimed at accelerating growth

The National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) has launched a project called Public Information Kiosks to promote greater participation of people in developmental activities and to increase their

The Government proposes to launch a National rural housing and habitat mission to bring in a new sense of seriousness with emphasis on fixed goals amid clear time