An unprecedent mining boom is on the cards in Peru as foreign investors make a beeline to grab the opportunities. Foreign investment had come to a standstill since 1970 because of

Beneath the gloss of populist governmental rhetoric, this year's budget is a dead loss

Hill women, long deprived of any economic rights, have found their independent, confident voice in activities spurred by a welfare group

CARS have become the most prominent roadsign on the Indian economy's journey up the rocky road of economic liberalisation. The protagonists of these policies routinely iterate, along with other

Money lenders continue to exercise an iron grip on the fragile economy of rural Bangladesh. A recent survey conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics reveals that rural borrowers prefer to

The erratic rationale that has often led unrequited love to pen down its sighs has defied "scientific" comprehension. But recently, Fredric Jones of the University of Cardiff in the UK claims to have

China's stupendous financial growth rate has exacted a stiff toll of its environment and other nations are worried that the disaster may spill over

Are we alone in this vast universe? Perhaps. Perhaps not. However, those who believe in the plurality of life have so far had little luck in their search for extraterrestrial intelligence. But

US SPACECRAFT Galileo has recently sent pictures of a tiny moon orbiting 243 Ida -- a 56 km-long asteroid in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This is the first confirmed evidence of a

IN THIS provocatively titled book, the authors point out that laws governing the use of "the commons" were not usually written because the complexity they dealt with was not amenable to