The most that can be said of the agreement to split the leadership of the World Trade Organisation between the two candidates is that it ends long, damaging and unseemly dispute that should never

A team led by the Additional Solicitor-General of India, Mr. Kirit N. Raval, has left for Geneva to present India's arguments before the appellate body of the World Trade Organisation(WTO) in the

The globalisation of economy embarked upon in India may aggravate poverty and increase the supply of child labour in the market, if it affects the income distribution in an adverse fashion. This

The world's 200 riches people have doubled their wealth in just four years, and the assets of the three richest families now exceed the combined gross national products of all the least-developed

India's position has gone down by two notches in the ranking of world competitiveness, according to the Swiss-based World Economic Forum (WEF). The country stood at the 52nd position this year

The Asian Development Bank has agreed to disburse a $50 million transche assistance to Gujarat following excellence performance shown by the state with regard to public sector reforms. The assistance

Globalisaton is more than the flow of money and commodities, it is the growing interdependence of the world's people through "shrinking space, shrinking time and disappearing borders," states the

India today secured a $386- million World Bank loan, its first since economic sanctions were imposed after the Pokhran tests in May last year. Agreements were signed today for a $300 million loan for

To ensure attendance of officials in rural areas and streamline the administration to make it more responsive at the village level, the Rajasthan Government has constituted standing committees headed

Report: More women are becoming main workers in rural as well as urban areas of Karnataka. However their domain is restricted to only marginal work in both these places says the first report on