In what is likely to be seen as one of its most politically and socially significant decisions, Punjab's ruling Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharatoya Janata Party coalition is set to completely revamp and

In an apparent measure in response to India's nuclear tests, the World Bank today postponed indefinitely consideration of two proposed loans totalling more than $200 millions to India, it has been

Economic sanctions and the freeze on aid flows imposed by the US, Japan, Australia and some European countries are likely to cost the economy around $20 billion, according to rough estimates by the

The remainder of India's 1998 fiscal year programme under World Bank loans may suffer the same fate as the four projects worth $865 million postponed through Unites States muscle yesterday, according

Trade ministers from 132 member nations of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) began their biennial meeting in Geneva with a call to reject protectionism in any form and work towards a rule based free

Andhra Pradesh may well be the worst hit state in the country with the USA deciding on imposing sanctions. The mammoth Rs 12,000 crore aid agreed to in principle by the World Bank is especially in

Tribals of Tripura are flooded with too many development projects but many of these projects fall through as they are unsuitable for them, experts in tribal research and development in Agartala say.

The World bank has suggested that India should revamp its Central Road Fund (CRF) and make the users pay for road services by way of road user charges. The Bank has called for setting up a strong

US : The US message for India at WTO's trade policy review was that India was not doing enough about implementing WTO obligations, and should open up faster. US ambassador Rita Derrick Hayes called

The Government of Assam has gone public for a loan of Rs 80 crore to finance "productive development programmes and projects" to be implemented in the State, at an interest rate of 12.15 per cent per