Report calls WTO 'nightmare' : A United Nations-appointed study team has labeled the World Trade Organization a "nightmare" for developing countries and suggested the body should be brought under the

World Bank : The World Bank has sounded a grim warning that the poverty reduction process in India has slowed down in the 1990s and the poorer states will not see much improvement in this respect

The biggest gathering of world leaders in history grappled on Wednesday with ways to improve peacekeeping and reduce poverty in the 21st century and got a chilling reminder of the perils of UN

World leaders wound up a historic three-day Millennium Summit with a strong endorsement of the United Nations that proposed increasing it role in peacekeeping and seeking solutions to the whole range

Conceding that the International Monetary Fund has made mistakes in the past, the IMF's new head promised to unveil reform proposals during the IMF's annual meetings next month in Prague. Horst

Pacific Rim countries on Wednesday called for global consensus to launch a new roundof world trade talks as soon as possible and took modest steps to assist developing countries and electronic

It might become even more difficult for some states to avoid economic reforms now. The World Bank has evolved a new methodology for financing projects in India, under which a project will be funded

study: The First India Rural Development Report released today indicates a decline in poverty in percentage terms, but says the absolute number of poor, more or less, has remained static (due to

The India Rural Development Report, 1999, presented by the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) has depicted several regional disparities in development and poverty alleviation. In terms of

US president Bill Clinton has allocated five million dollars for economic reforms and liberalisation in India besides funds for several welfare schemes in his fiscal 2001 budget. The amount for India