U.S. and Chinese negotiators are in the midst of unexpectedly extensive trade talks - the clearest sign yet that both sides are trying hard to reach a deal before the World Trade Organisation starts

Overall poverty in food has increased from 24 percent in 1993-94 to 33 percent in 1998-99, says a study on poverty profile by Pakistan Institute of Development Economic (Pide).Conducted by Dr

India and 11 other developing countries have submitted a joint proposal to the World Trade Organisation(WTO) for consideration at the Seattle ministerial confreent . The countries are Cuba,

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative in India, Ms. Branda Gael MsSweeney, presented the Youth Volunteers Against Poverty Awards 1999 to Ms C. Devika from Salem and

The US and five developing countries called on the World Trade Organisation to launch a new action agenda to boost participation by poorer nations in the global trading system through strengthened

If all goes well, by 2003 all villages in Gujarat will have the basic amenities of approacth roads, pucca roads from the village entrance to the courtyard, primary schools, electrification and

India and China, by virtue of remaining unscathed in the Mexican and Southeast Asian currency crisis, find themselves included in the new super-club called the Group of Twenty (G-20). It also marks

Robert A mundell of Columbia Univesity in New York today won the Nobel prize for economic sciences for his analysis of monetary and fiscal policy under different exchange-rate regimes. The

The Seattle ministerial conference, scheduled for end-November, is expected to set up a working group each on technology transfer and trade and debt, and undertake a work programme on trade and

The recent visit by the state government delegation led by Gujarat industries minister Suresh Mehta to the United States has made it abundantly clear the the World Bank would not give any new cheaper