Conserving the Malabar civet is good economics

AS CHINA prepares to enter a market economy, it is busy putting its house in order. Two specialist courts will be set up in the key commercial centre of Shanghai to handle trademark and copyright

A series of film clips is designed to bring the East closer to the self satisfied cobbers in Australia.

LEON Baert and Rudy Jocque have found the world's smallest known female spider (Anapistula caecula) in the Ivory Coast's Tai Forest Reserve. The 0.46 mm long female members of this new species easily

FINLAND'S forestry and paper industries have attracted world attention but for all the wrong reasons. The country is ravaging its ancient forests with mechanical tree harvesters, according to an

AS RUSSIA moves to a market economy, some celebrated but impecunious cosmonauts are cashing in on their space legacies. Alexei Leonov, the first man to walk in space, pocketed $255,500 as he watched

VITAL Signs responds to the need for information on the trends that are reshaping our world. It surveys 42 global indicators, such as the decline in per capita availability of food and water,

The new trade order ordained by GATT affects India's entire economy. Some consider it a new form of colonialism, but others see it as a bountiful opportunity.

THIS IS not a time for capitalism to Icelebrate. The heady days of 1989 have given way to disenchantment with free markets in the Anglo-American world. The high tide of capitalism has touched the

THE EUROPEAN Community has refused to fully compensate German farmers for rises in the D-Mark. Germany wants a restoration of the "switchover" system whereby each realignment of EC currencies pushes