The budget seeks to encourage technological change in India, especially in export-oriented industries, and to obtain private funding for government R&D institutes.

Confusion and lack of interest were the highlights of the annual gathering of scientists this year in Goa.

In 1992, the world moved several steps towards globalisation. But little attention was paid to the sharp economic, social and cultural divides. The rich world, troubled by recession, did not show much courage in dealing with them as it, too, began to feel

Against a background of worldwide recession, the Rio conference came and went with many promises of aid by the Northern countries. But by the end of the year, nobody remembered those promises or the problems of the South. Even doughty donors like the Scan

As per capita private consumption declines in the country, the number of its poor is increasing.

THIS IS a worthy compilation of stories of resistance by workers to the assault on them, legitimised now by the New Economic Policy. More specifically, it tells the story of the courageous fight