Recently, Bangladesh signed four agreements with Vietnam. The accords were on the formation of a joint commission for economic, cultural, scientific and technical cooperation between the two nations.

The finance minister's money bag may emerge as the commoner's bete noir

Supply of clean fresh water, already threatened by soaring pollution levels, is depleting at such a rate in some regions that within 30 years two-thirds of humanity will suffer "moderate to severe

In its search for a strategy for afforestation, a laudable goal in itself, the Madhya Pradesh mp government has once again put its foot in its mouth and buckled down unduly to commercial lobbies.

Tell your elected representatives that before pollution leads to your premature death you will ensure the premature deaths of their political careers

In this paper, the brothers Ashish and Miloon Kothari have ably examined the effects of the new economic policy (nep) on India's environment during the post-reform period (1991-1995). They strike

In a country so sharply divided between wealth and poverty, luxury and survival, the widening gap between what politicians say and what they do will lead to disaster

Scientific research in China has become big business with the nation s economy banking heavily on it for results

the preparatory phase of the World Summit for Social Development witnessed the launch of several research projects relevant to and in support of issues like poverty, unemployment and social

The workings of currency markets has perplexed economists for a long time. The dynamics of speculative markets has been studied and modeled extensively with the hope of trying to beat the market.