India has been unable to reduce the level of absolute poverty as per international standards, as the benefits of the development programmes taken up by it do not reach the poor, a senior World Bank

A World Trade Organisation(WTO) panel has ruled in India's favour in a case against Turkey for imposing quantitative restrictions on imports of 19 categores of textiles.The Dispute Settlement Panel

A senior economist with the World Bank, Dr Fahrettin Yagci, has suggested that the reform strategy of Andhra Pradesh could be the model for an overall development strateg aimed at accelerating growth

The National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) has launched a project called Public Information Kiosks to promote greater participation of people in developmental activities and to increase their

The Government proposes to launch a National rural housing and habitat mission to bring in a new sense of seriousness with emphasis on fixed goals amid clear time

The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) and the World Bank joined hands to launch the Cities Alliance, a bold new initiative designed to improve the efficiency and impact of urban

IMF: The International Monetary Fund(IMF) has said that a gross domestic product(GDP) growth of 8 per cent will give impetus to poverty eradication in

Governments were warned to rethink the way they deal with international issues to boost global benefits in areas such as disease control, pollution reduction and crisis prevention. A study for the

International goals to cut African poverty in half by 2015 are unlikely to be achieved, the UN's Economic Commission For Africa (ECA) has warned. According to the organisation's 1999 economic report,

It was already in a sorry state, but now the World Trade Organisation is leaderless too : a