Inefficiencies in state governments, law and order problems and political instability have collectively contributed to time overruns in 213 major Central projects resulting in cost overshooting by an

India has lost an important opportunity to protect its agricultural trade interests and health standards by missing the deadline for giving its views on the crucial Sanitary & Phytosanitary (SPS)

The officials of Assam Plains Tribes Development Authority (APTDA) had siphoned off Rs 2.75 crore during April 1, 1993 to April 30, 1996 in the name of supply of teaching-aid material to various

several environmental organisations in the us are expressing different opinions over how to deal with the effect of increased population on the environment. Particularly, they have not

subsidy is an indirect payment given by governments for various economic and social reasons. A major part of the "cost' of the subsidy is paid by the government. At the same time, granting

Experts believe that the smog which enveloped Indonesia last year may return to aggravate the economic crisis that has engulfed the country

The World Trade Organisation's review of India's trade policy has been fixed for April 8 and 9.

This tiny Asian nation, still struggling to gain a secure economic foothold, is pressing ahead with its first oil refinery which has already become a centre of controversy. Work on the us $1.2

Malaysia, the country that hopes to be the home of latest multimedia technology, is currently advising its people to "return to the soil'. Threatened by a looming economic crisis, Malaysia plans to

Twenty-two Congressmen on Friday asked the Clinton adminstration to impose "tough economic sanction" against India if it did not allow the Amnesty International and other human rights watch groups to