This publication takes a broad look at several dimensions of carbon trading. It analyses the problems arising from the emerging global carbon market pertaining to the environment, social justice and human rights, and investigates climate mitigation alternatives. It provides a short history of carbon trading and discusses a number of lessons learned. Nine case studies from different parts of the world provide examples of the outcomes -- on the ground -- of various carbon offset schemes.

Following widespread violent protests, on August 25, 2005, energy companies signed a deal with Ecuador's poor communities, promising to invest more money for the latter's benefit. In return, the

An acute crisis has hit farmers and fisherfolk in Ecuador's Manabi province, around the us military's Manta air force base. The latter got to use the area for 10 years in 1999 to control drug

October 21, 2003. High level corporate lawyers from ChevronTexaco sit in the same packed muggy courtroom as bare breasted Amazonian men and women at the start of what the media calls The Trial of the Century. In the ramshackle Amazonian town of Lago Agr

Protests are mounting in Germany over a pipeline being built in Ecuador. At a recent summit in Sassenberg, Germany, about 40 non-governmental organisations and a number of German politicians vowed to

Nestling finches in Galapagos Islands threatened by larvae of parasitic flies

As ocean waters get warmer, coral reefs look even paler this year

In sharp contrast to earlier estimates, a new study claims that nearly half the world s flora species face extinction

In January 2001, the Jessica

Oil spills can cause more long term environmental damage than previously thought of