Conservationists of Ecuador have welcomed a recent judgement that upholds a ban on shark poaching. A court in Guayaquil ruled that the constitutional rights of the owners of an illegal

The world's largest banana exporter, Ecuador, has criticised a decision of the European Union (eu) to abandon a

Nine animals fall victim to a diesel oilspill in the Galapagos Islands

An erupting volcano forces conservationists to airlift endangered tortoises to safety

Oil is the biggest export earner and the main source of state revenue for Ecuador. In a significant move, the government has decided to increase the private sector involvement in the oil sector.

According to a report of the UN, the HIV epidemic is far worse than previously thought. The report released by the joint UN programme on HIV/AIDS paints a grim picture of the spread of the HIV

Hunting for shark fins and sea cucumbers, which are sought after as delicacies in South-east Asian countries, is on the rise despite a ban. During raids by the navy and the Galapagos National

the unique biological heritage of the Galapagos islands would soon disappear if illegal fishing continues in their waters. Commercial fishing fleets from mainland Ecuador, the us and the Far East

An organisation set up by priests provides inexpensive bamboo houses to people living in slums and on the streets

The government of Ecuador has invited private bids to build a second 514-km oil pipeline under a 20-year operating concession. The 500-km state pipeline built in 1972, has already been expanded