Small hydro power projects have been launched under the Rural Energy Development Programme in Sindhupalchok district of , Nepal. The main objective of the programme is to raise the living standards

A proposed power generation project in Laos has become the target of environmentalists ire

Cow urine, which is used in

The government proposes reductions in subsidies on power, irrigation and higher education

A $91 million electricity generation plant, jointly financed by a French construction firm and the Ivorian government, promises to metamorphose the west African nation of Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

The US Department of Energy and a Maryland-based company, Fusion Lighting, have jointly developed sulphur light bulbs, which experts claim could be the light sources of the future (New Scientist, Vol

Using a material known as "piezoelectric plastic", a US company is trying to convert the kinetic energy of waves into electricity. Piezoelectric plastic generates an electric charge when

An unusual power generator that will be a net consumer of power is planned near New York City to ease the situation during peak demand periods

A recent study by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has suggested that modifying and upgrading the existing machinery and technology in power plants and reducing transmission and

Harnessing solar energy has been a long-standing scientific goal. The latest approach employs chemicals that, like the leaves of a tree, soak up solar energy for use later