A global switch to efficient lighting will reduce electricity bills by one tenth

In this day of television grabs, policies are about slugfests. The logic of the grab is that any discussion must be heated, with sharply divided positions clear proponents and opponents. It is a

Energy cooperation in South Asia presents tremendous potential for the development of regional resources in an integrated manner by exploiting the complementarities and optimal utilisation of available resources. Much will depend on how South Asia benefits from its proximity to south western and central Asia to meet its gas and oil needs.

The uk government has a tough choice. In the next decade-and-a half decade, almost all of the country's 14 nuclear stations will have outlived their utility. Not a very welcome proposition in a country where nuclear power generates about 22 per cent of the electricity, annually. Moreover, the share of renewables in uk' s energy supply has not grown desirably, while demand for energy is on the rise.

India needs to rethink its power generation strategies for the sake of environment

The seeds of a plant called jatropha yield oil that, after processing, makes biodiesel. It can reduce India s burgeoning oil import bill. And there s lots of money to be made. But who will earn? What land will be used for this? down t

Now developed from everyday plastic

More and more villages are opting for affordable, manageable micro hydel projects

A black countdown in West Bengal, India

Create a culture that places a premium on human power