Villagers in Pench National Park sent packing

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The snag ridden past of Rajasthan Atomic Power Station's unit I may have caught up with it

North Korea is reeling under a serious electricity crisis, thanks to years of natural disasters. Many put the blame of this shortage on the failure of

Solar lighting systems have brightened up the gloomy winters of Himachal Pradesh s Mayad valley

Automakers are realising the advantages of four stroke engines. But fuel cells and electric vehicles remain the industry s orphans

Despite being clean, alternative fuels fail to become the first choice

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a disaster in the making? This question is being raised about a proposal of Quebec's largest utility company, which plans to build 36 new dams on 24 rivers across the province. If implemented, the

the amount of electricity used by information technology ( it ) equipment in Japan will increase eightfold from the present levels in the next 10 years, according to a forecast. Electricity