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The wild elephants that once roamed freely over southern China, retreated long ago to the dense tropical rain forests which cover the mountains near the nation's borders with Myanmar (previously

the endangered Asian elephants have a new friend in usa . A proposal to spend up to us $25 million to conserve the asian elephants could go a long way towards saving them from

A problem of mammoth proportions has besotted the Thai capital as well as Phuket, Pattaya and Chiangmai. Nearly 100 elephants from the northeastern part of the country have recently been brought to

The translocation of surplus wildlife from a Zimbabwean park evokes mixed responses

Conservationist groups in Zimbabwe are in a tizzy over the plans recently announced by the government for "getting rid of surplus elephants". Peter Mundy, chief ecologist of Zimbabwe's wildlife

Sri Lanka's fierce civil war has taken a heavy toll on it's wildlife. A recent report in the Sri Lankan Daily News claims that land mines have killed or injured several wild elephants. Charles

As the result of the ban on ivory trading, elephants are overbreeding, creating problems such as the destruction of forest land.