In an attempt to make the IIT Bombay campus energy efficient, an energy audit of the institute was recently conducted to identify and suggest measures for conservation. The recommendations, if implemented, can bring about a total saving of around Rs1.75 crore per year, the report said.

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Proposed fiscal reforms for automotive fuels Petrol Increase selling price before state taxes and duties by Rs 2.50 per litre each month to align with full cost price Total increase of Rs 10.90 per litre in selling prices before taxes Temporary reduction in excise duty to Rs 10 per litre to be restored by March 2009 Total increase of Rs 11.28 per litre before

A committee recommends rationalization of diesel and petrol prices The long awaited pricing formula for petroleum products to bail out the oil industry from impending bankruptcy has been tabled. If put into effect this prescription can correct distorted prices of automotive fuels of petrol and diesel and halt misuse of under-taxed and under-priced diesel by the car sector. This is

Thermoelectric materials are solid-state energy converters whose combination of thermal, electrical, and semiconducting properties allows them to be used to convert waste heat into electricity or electrical power directly into cooling and heating.

Words of wisdom: Sandeep Garg, Energy Economist, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, speaking at a programme organised by the Southern India Engineering Manufacturers

The Prime Minister has constituted a high powered committee under the chairmanship of Shri B K Chaturvedi, Member, Planning Commission, to examine the financial position of oil companies.

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energy-starved Sri Lanka has levied a tax on incandescent bulbs of over 40 watts and soon plans to ban the import and manufacture of bulbs of 75 watts and above. The target is to completely ban the se bulb by 2010. Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (sea) hopes the move will help promote energy efficient compact fluorescent (cfl) bulbs.

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CHENNAI: Danfoss India, a leader in mechanical and electronic components and solutions, has announced the completion of a decade of operations in India and a continued thrust on developing energy efficient solutions for its customers.