Faced with a deep energy crisis due to gas shortage that cannot be overcome overnight, the government considers importing Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), increasing efficiency of bulk gas users to reduce demands and setting standards to promote energy efficient electrical equipment, says Dr Towfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, energy adviser to the prime minister.

Director General (Management and Conservation) of Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) Tahir Basharat Cheema said on Friday highly obsolete machinery installed at factories was resulting in inefficient consumption of energy in the Pakistan.

Most businesses are keeping up efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their information technology, despite having less available capital due to the slowdown, a survey by research group Gartner Inc. shows.

Unused funds from a European Union plan to spend 4 billion euros (US$5.3 billion) overhauling energy infrastructure could be funnelled into energy efficiency measures, according to a agreement reached on Thursday.

European Union countries struck the deal in closed-door negotiations with the European Parliament after weeks of squabbling within the 27-nation bloc.

Mumbai When skyrocketing electric bills

Estimating that televisions and their electronic accessories account for 10 percent of the electricity used in an average household, California

>> A independent daily newspaper will be launched in Zimbabwe, adding a new dimension to the news market currently dominated by government controlled dailies. >> Google Inc is soon to roll out free software which allows consumers to track their home electricity use and improve energy efficiency. Dan Reicher,director, Climate Change and Energy Initiatives Google, told the news agency Reuters

What should have been done ages ago has been sent to different ministries for opinion. This is not the Friday/Sunday issue to be debated upon. If you want to save energy by closing down shops and businesses at 8 pm, then adopt the day light saving scheme to save further. Pushing the clock in summer by one hour, you actually save daylight.

LUCKNOW: Invariably, it costs between Rs 80 and Rs 100. But how about a CFL worth Rs 15? That could be a possibility in case the power companies from Uttar Pradesh government make a serious representation before the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

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