Green Infra Ltd (GIL), an independent power producer (IPP), has announced the acquisition of energy giant BP Energy India Pvt Ltd

MP Energy Development Corporation Limited in cooperation with MP Electricity Regulatory Commission organised a workshop on energy efficiency in which Energy Minister Anup Mishra was present as chief guest.

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Fast-growing emerging markets are making energy efficiency a high priority. Leading the way: China.
After years as energy-efficiency laggards, China and a number of other fast-growing emerging markets are putting a high priority on restraining oil demand.

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Ahmedabad: The energy guzzlers

Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority has decided to develop Renewable Energy resources and declare energy development areas to implement energy efficiency measures and conservation programs to promote energy security, reliability and cost effectiveness in energy delivery and information management. It has also decided to initiate National Energy Efficiency Award 2009 - 2010.

The Government of Bangladesh yesterday signed a credit agreement worth US$ 130 million with the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank's concessionary arm to help to increase access to electricity through installation of affordable Solar Home Systems in rural areas.

It is the responsibility of the current generation to spare resources for the ones to come

Need to save: Collector R. Sudalaikannan flags off the rally organised to mark Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Day in Erode on Tuesday.

ERODE: Collector R. Sudalaikannan has urged judicious use of energy sources.

Britain, in line with European Union directive, will phase out energy-inefficient incandescent light bulbs, invented by Thomas Alva Edison, from Tuesday. The European Union ban on manufacturing and import of 100W bulbs comes into effect from September 1.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, light emitting diodes (LEDs) do not have a filament that is heated to create light. They are illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semiconductor material (diode). Since electricity is directly turned into light, LEDs waste less energy as heat. They also consume less energy than CFLs that use mercury vapour to produce light. LED was first made commercially