The Annual Energy Outlook 2009 (AEO2009) presents projections and analysis of US energy supply, demand, and prices through 2030. The projections are based on results from the Energy Information Administration's National Energy Modeling System. The AEO2009 includes the reference case, additional cases examining energy markets, and complete documentation.

This publication is designed to help companies explore the various options for deploying and financing renewable energy technologies. In particular, it considers deployment strategies for solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, and geothermal heat pump technologies and provides examples of successful deployments.

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India has many years of experience using renewable energy sources to fulfill the energy needs of its population. This includes exploitation of both traditional sources (such as biomass) and nontraditional sources (such as wind power).

NEW DELHI: The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has launched a nation-wide scheme, Bachat Lamp Yojana, to promote replacement of bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to save energy. Speaking about the scheme, BEE director general Ajay Mathur said:

Mumbai: In a bid to conserve power, the Central Railway and the Western Railway have started replacing the old tube lights across all the stations, its offices, loco sheds and railway workshops with new energy saving ones.

MUMBAI: Union energy minister Sushilkumar Shinde has drafted an ambitious Rs 70,000 crore plan to replace the existing agriculture pumps across the country with energy-efficient pumps. The move is expected to save power worth Rs 18,000 crore per year.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: In a bid to take the energy-saving mantra to every household, Biotech- the Centre for development of bio-gas technology and other non- conventional energy sources - plans to start energy clubs throughout the State.

NEW DELHI: For long a symbol of imperial grandeur, Rashtrapati Bhavan is making efforts now to emerge as an example of an eco-friendly, energy-efficient entity where women