The rising electricity costs resulting from classrooms turning smart and digital in the state is driving school authorities towards another smart move - harnessing solar energy.

Vadodara airport will switch to solar energy for its daily operations to cut down electricity cost and adopt green energy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s overzealous approach towards solar power generation and solar module manufacturing appear to be unsustainable.

Ministry pushes for 26% stake in plants with voting rights; cross-subsidy charges will apply otherwise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pressed the button to start the country's first solar-powered district court in Khunti on October 2, 2015.

Will add new chemical chains, produce high-value composites: Ambani

Pass-through facility and likely fall prices of Chinese PV modules enthuse investors.

Solar system costs have declined by 27 per cent over the past three years.

The institutions will be allowed to export energy to the grid under two models

The government on Wednesday hiked the price of ethanol produced from C-molasses by Rs 2.85 per litre to Rs 43.70 for the new season starting December 2018, according to sources.